The real behind-the-scenes heroes. This group of students, hand-selected by the pre-determined captains, handle the technical production of the 40 hour Beacon Santa Telethon.

Telethon ID Template (17)

Monica Kells

Head Tech

Telethon ID Template (16)

Hannah Larkin

Head Tech

Will Cahill

Team 1 Captain

Matthew Boyle

Team 1 Captain

Graftin Norris

Team 2 Captain

Harry Lenicheck

Team 2 Captain

Team 1

JohnMichael Waldron

Jackson Severance

Andrew Cloutier

Enzo Pofino

Donny Robbins

Miles Westerbeke

Nate Maroy

Izzy Friedman

Kendell Waldeck

Zoe Avery

Team 2

Anna Malionek

Nina Chiodo

Lily Waguespack

Owen Wild

Lucas Lin

David Schwind

Josh Curtain

Will Fisk

Kayleigh Donahue