Beacon Santa Telethon 2018

The 2018 Photos are here!

View the detailed photo-progress of the Beacon Santa Telethon. Get an inside look and take a look back at your favorite telethon memories as soon as they are available!

Sunday Finale (Gingerbread House, Aim for Fitness, Final Auctions and the Grand Finale and Telethon Total… and a lot of hugging afterwards!)


Saturday Night (Ben & Joel, Cooking with El Huipil, Toy Auction, The Lookouts, Lullabies with St. Bridget’s Singers)

Saturday Afternoon (Auctions and more auctions, Crazy Science, J. Anthony Garreffi, Miss Tricia’s Dance Studio, A/B Dance, Lightning Strikes Twice)


Saturday Morning (Thomas Babaian, Yoga with Mrs. Lerner, 1st Live Auction, Talent Show with Mr. Mark, Music Together with Mister Vic, Animal Adventures with Drumlin Farm, Maynard Community Band, and more auctions!)


Friday Night (preparation, opening, Lily Black, Auction Preview, Madrigals, Cooking Shows, Hosts vs. Tech Crew Pictionary)