Beacon Santa Telethon 2017

The 2017 Photos are here!

View the detailed photo-progress of the Beacon Santa Telethon. Get an inside look and take a look back at your favorite telethon memories as soon as they are available!

Sunday Finale


Sunday Morning (Gingerbread Houses, Church Singers, Girl Scouts Caroling, Auctions)


Saturday Night (TBABs, Auction, El Huipil, Toy Auction, Madrigals, Dining with Dante, Hudak Christmas Spectacular)

Saturday Afternoon (more auctions, Jae Mannion, Miss Tricia’s Dance, yet more auctions, Keith Jacques Experience, AB Dance, Host Challenges)

Saturday Morning (Host Breakfast, Yoga, Auctions, Mister Vic, Drumlin Farm, Trivia Challenge)


Friday Night (preparation, opening, Lily Black, Auction Preview, The Lookouts, Hot Stuff, Hosts vs. Tech Crew Dictionary)