Beacon Santa Telethon 2015

The 2015 Photos are here!

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Thanking everyone, revealing the total, celebrations, and group portraits. (Note: As with all of these galleries, you can click on the “double rectangle” button in the gallery toolbar to download a high-resolution copy of any photograph.)
2015 Grand Finale


Waking up… running on fumes.. Boy Scouts cook breakfast! “Hosts of Christmas Past” featured 20 former hosts from the original telethon 33 years ago to today followed by AB Dance Studio and the final auction…
2015 Sunday Morning


Auctions, an Alumni band, more auctions, The Keith Jacques Experience, Painting with Patrick, and to end the evening a special performance by JAM.
2015 Saturday Night


Saturday afternoon kicked off in the auditorium to the debut performance by The Other Side who finished their set to a standing ovation. They were followed by Expressions who covered songs from the Simple Minds to the Foo Fighters. More auctions and more music from Grace, Karima, and Caitlin.
2015 Saturday Afternoon


Saturday started at 6am with Dining Divas making belgian waffles in the studio. The auditorium was ablaze with rock music from Elsewhere at 7am as the staff began to shuffle in for breakfast.  Some of the hosts and tech crew stretched out with morning yoga followed by the Saturday Early Bird auction.  Girl Scouts sang holiday songs and then Mister Vic did the same thing in the studio with his Music Together students.  The Maynard Community Band and Miss Tricia’s Dance Studio rounded out the morning entertainment.
2015 Saturday AM

FRIDAY Gallery

After months of planning and preparation the telethon starts up around 2pm on Friday afternoon.  After the opening the band “Old Soul” rocked the auditorium.  An auction preview followed the music with “Redline” rounding out the band performances for the evening.  “Munchies with Max” was the “culinary” finish of the evening before a noisy round of “Hosts vs. Tech Crew”.